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Split Sweeps or Bends
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Split Sweeps or Bends

Over ten years ago we started business with a new patented snap together split conduit.  The founders of the company were excited to see the large response they received in the marketplace for the new patented split conduit and split couplings.  However, it wasn't long after business had started that customers began to ask if they could get the product produced in 90 degree and 45 degree sweeps.  The engineering and purchasing department went out into the marketplace to see if there was anything similar in nature to what these customers were requesting.  We soon discovered that there was not any other type of 90 degree split sweep available at that time.  With this information in hand, the engineering department went to work to create the molds and procedures necessary to bring the world 90 degree split sweeps.  After nearly three months of development the first 90 degree split sweeps rolled off the assembly line.  No one in the company was prepared for the demand that followed.

Customers have used this unique product in so many places and ways it is almost impossible to list them all.  Some of the more popular ways the split sweeps are being used is to enclose existing cable for risers coming up out of the ground and for enclosing existing cable to make a turn in the ground.  The 90 degree and 45 degree sweeps have found a significant application in the cable television underground market as well as fiber optic, telecommunication, and utility applications.  Some of the best feedback we have received about this unique product is that our customers appreciate the fact that the snap together design doesn't require any tape, wire ties, or metal straps to hold the product together.  Once the sweeps are snapped together they can be connected to existing standard PVC pipe with the help of our split adapter couplings.  Once the sweeps are snapped into place it creates a smooth, tight seal protecting the cable or fiber optics from damage or weathering.

Due to the fact that the product has locking ridges on the sides of the sweep, the sweeps are bent two different directions, vertical and horizontal, which keeps the locking ridge on the sides of the sweep no matter which direction you want the sweep to turn.  The vertical sweeps are used for risers coming up out of the ground and the horizontal sweeps are used for turns remaining in the ground.

One of the more creative ways the split sweeps have been used was by an underground cable contractor who was hired in their local area by a cable company to remove overhead lines and move them underground due to new city ordinances regarding overhead lines.  However, the cable company asked if the contractor could do the job without disconnecting service to their customers.  The contactor used our split conduit to enclose the cable running down a power pole at one end of the job and then used a 90 degree split sweep at the bottom of the pole to continue the cable underground.  Once in the trench the cable was placed in the open face piece of split conduit and then enclosed when the top half of split conduit was snapped into place and fully enclosed the cable with a smooth tight seal without disconnecting service.

We have found that the uses for the split sweeps have been almost limitless with installations under bridges, in existing cement boxes, with municipal street light departments, and in dozens of fiber optic and other applications.  We manufacture the split sweeps in both a 24 and 36 inch radius with sizes ranging from 1 ? inch up to 6 inch standard Schedule 40 PVC pipe sizes.  The unique interlocking split sweeps are specifically designed for power and communication applications and are designed to have superior strength and ultraviolet resistance.  Our split sweeps are available today for all of your cable enclosure special projects.  If you would like additional information about the split sweeps or any of our split duct products, you can visit the catalog page of our website at www.conduitrepair.com/catalog.html.

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